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Are visitors exiting your site as fast as they get there?

User experience is greatly influenced by visual design.


Because the internet has made the world a lot smaller...

Having relevant content is the difference between an engaged audience and high exit rates.


Data integration can create bottlenecks and constraints that often hamper insights needed to solve business problems.


With so many platforms to choose from today, accessibility has become a real issue.

A modern workforce needs access to information from various devices.


Maintenance can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a disgruntled one.

High Point Web Tech delivers quality software solutions and value, that will keep your site performing.

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About Us

Kameron White's resumé

During his ten years as a sound engineer, Kameron worked with Hollywood's biggest movie studios to create the definitive restoration of some of America's most beloved classic films including: It's a Wonderful Life, Roman Holiday, Zorba The Greek, and The King and I.

Seeking to diversify his engineering talents and interests, Kameron earned his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from California State University, Long Beach, in December 2014.

Since graduation, Kameron has been working with companies from Los Angeles to North Carolina to strengthen their web applications and online presence. With every new project, Kameron brings his knowledge and experience in marketing, project management, client relations, and software engineering to create quality software and systems solutions.

Please have a look at some of our projects in development, and view Kameron's resumé.

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Talking Watchdog

Talking Watchdog logo

High Point Web Tech has designed a concept prototype for a mobile app to assist members of the visually-impaired community.

The Talking Watchdog can help someone who is visually-impaired to navigate the physical world around them. It talks out loud and can alert them when it detects obstacles that are in their way, while safely guiding them along the right path.

It will need further development to integrate with Google Maps and to incorporate multiple solutions, but hopefully it can be released in the App Store one day. In the meantime, a live demo of the concept prototype is available for viewing.

Tycoon Calculator

Tycoon Calculator logo

High Point Web Tech has designed a calculator tool for investors to calculate the potential ROI (return on investment) of real estate properties being considered for purchase. It was developed in Ruby on Rails and incorporates Ruby gems, such as the Highcharts gem that converts tabular reports into charts.

The long-term plan is to continue to develop the tool and to eventually release it as a mobile app. In the meantime, a fully-functioning demo of the web app is available at Just create a username and password for access, and then enter some properties in your profile to begin generating reports.

Diesel Equipment

Diesel Equipment logo

High Point Web Tech has designed an eCommerce site for a leading diesel equipment supplier based out of Greensboro, NC. It uses a content management system (CMS) that was developed in Concrete 5.

The site makes extensive use of a mySQL database to store online transactions, sales representative information, and it includes over 10,000 products for sale.

Red Rooster Pizza

Red Rooster Pizza logo

High Point Web Tech has designed for a client who has a catering service based in Raleigh, NC. Site features include links to social media, custom forms for contact and booking, and multiple slideshows throughout the site.

Photoshop was used to give the site a custom design and the basic structure and style was written in HTML and CSS. JavaScript was used to provide data input validation on the forms and to create enhanced slideshow features. SEO marketing and Google Analytics were integrated to increase site traffic and to gain a better understanding of their customers.

The Sonic Project

The Sonic Project logo

High Point Web Tech will be leading the development of two separate sites that are designed to facilitate the process of creating music, sharing audio legally, and collaborating on various sound projects.

The goal of The Sonic Project is to provide the ultimate platform for the world's most-talented musicians, sound engineers, producers, web developers, and other audio-related professionals to come together to enjoy a better experience creating and sharing audio on the web. will host audio tournaments that allow all types of recording studio professionals to compete in various sonic project competitions. Each tournament is setup by a client to meet their specific project's demands in exchange for payment. The clients are basically commissioning the artists to produce high-quality audio files that meet certain project requirements, and the artist who does the best job is declared the winner and gets to keep the prize money. will provide a forum where web developers and software engineers can find useful code snippets, demo live audio players, and tap into a knowledge base for developing audio web technology that works. It will focus on the need for adopting higher standards for internet audio tools, while advocating for adoption of more universal audio formats and audio players available for web development.